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Weaving flights


This itinerant exhibition emerged from an encounter of three artists that gave the term “flight” a sense of liberation, imagination, self–reconstruction and risk taking. All through a common thread that would “weave” self-acknowledgement about their physical, moral and social reality.

Daria Gonzalez, in alliance with Argentinean painters, Jimena Odetti and Maria Cristina Mercado, began an artistic journey in the search of common grounds in the world of art, and in their own world, as human beings engaged in the process of their society’s transformation.

 The first exhibition was held in November 2008 in Mexico City’s Colonia Roma Aguafuerte Art Gallery. In January 2009, it was presented at Monterrey’s TecMilenio University. In the Spring of that same year, “Tejedoras de Vuelos” was exhibited at Cathy Von Rohr Art Studio Gallery in Puerto Vallarta. The last tour was at The American School of Puerto Vallarta’s Annual Golf Tournament. Held at El Tigre Golf and Country Club in Nuevo Vallarta.